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Company Profile

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Tianjin hanying international freight forwarding co., LTD. Is a comprehensive logistics and transportation service enterprise approved by the state administration of industry and commerce and approved by the ministry of communications of the People's Republic of China.
Our company is the first class booking agent of COSCO, MSC, HPL, RCL, CMA, YML, MSK, which can provide the whole service of sea, air, land, import and export for different customers.
Main Business scope Business Scpoe
Provide sea, air, land transport, project goods, customs clearance, warehousing, order management and other comprehensive logistics services. It prides itself on its ability to tailor cost-effective solutions to the supply chain needs of different customers. The company's business philosophy is customer demand as the center, no matter when, where, and in what way, we will timely and accurate in accordance with customer requirements to deliver goods.
Main business of the company:
Sales, booking, transshipment, container (including cooler) and LCL transportation and a variety of bulk cargo chartering service, customs clearance, commodity inspection, insurance, to handle all types of cargo storage, transshipment, container packing, devanning and bulk cargo in the port, unloading, shipping, packaging, especially in the tianjin customs and each terminal have considerable strength.
The company also operates dangerous goods transportation, foreign trade e-commerce (Germany's own warehouse) logistics distribution, distribution, door to door service, the user only need to be shipped in advance of the goods power of attorney fax to our company, can arrange for the user the fastest shipping date, satisfactory freight, thoughtful service.
Outstanding Sea Route
LCL advantage: Japan and South Korea, southeast Asia, the Middle East, India and Pakistan, Europe, South America routes, welcome new and old customers inquiry and booking!
Container advantages: Europe, southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, the Middle East, India and Pakistan, Africa, you are welcome to call!
Air cargo advantage: the core agents of many airlines (including Air China, British airways, air France, KLM, KLM, Singapore airlines, Thai airways, jal, ana, etc.) have our advantageous routes all over the world (including Europe, Japan, southeast Asia, North America, Middle East and Africa, etc.).
Service target
The company's service business philosophy is: customer-centric, minimize customer costs, integrity service, credibility first, safe and efficient, all for customers, all to meet customers, and dedication to provide customers with tight shipping date, satisfactory freight, fast, accurate, convenient logistics services.
The company's employees have many years of working experience in the logistics industry, proficient in the professional business, and ship company, port, customs and other departments have a close relationship, can timely coordinate to solve the site or work in the emergency. This is the foundation and essence of our ability to provide our customers with first-class service. These industry service specialists ensure that our services meet and exceed customer expectations.
We hope to create a better future with our customers and global partners. We look forward to serving you and your success will be our success.
It is our consistent service tenet to provide many customers with satisfactory import and export operation services with comprehensive logistics solutions.