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China has for the first time proposed phased strategic goals for the development of express delivery

Date:2021-06-28  Click:259 times
Over the next five years, with rapid development of our country will enter the express delivery business in the new period, the national post office bureau chief Ma Junsheng work conference in 2010, expects to 2015, China will initially formed a batch of internationally competitive large enterprises express, preliminary constitute a convenient and efficient, safe and orderly, advanced technology, rational layout of the express delivery service system, make the express business can adapt to economic and social development level, basically be emerging strategic services.
This is an important stage strategic target for the emerging express service field. In recent years, China's express delivery business has experienced a rapid development. In 2009, the business revenue of express delivery enterprises above designated size reached 47.9 billion yuan, up 17.3 percent year-on-year, accounting for 43.7 percent of the total industry revenue. Express delivery volume reached 1.86 billion units, up 22.8 percent year-on-year.
The service industry is an important part of the national economy. The development level of the service industry is an important indicator to measure the level of modern social and economic development, ma said.
In the postal law, which came into effect in September last year, the express delivery business operation license system was established, the express delivery business operation regulations were formulated, the legal status of express delivery enterprises was endowed, and the principles of encouraging competition and promoting development in the postal market were put forward. These important institutional arrangements provide important legal guarantee for accelerating the healthy and orderly development of express service in China.
Ma stressed that in the coming period, priority should be given to various tasks including regulating the order of the express delivery market, constantly optimizing the development environment for express delivery and actively supporting the reform of postal express logistics. In terms of optimizing the environment for the development of express delivery, ma junsheng said that in accordance with the principle of "encouraging competition and promoting development", we should support the opening of social resources to express delivery enterprises, promote the integrated development of express delivery and other industries, and eliminate the institutional constraints on the development of express delivery. Efforts should be made to improve the level of opening up of express delivery, improve the quality and level of foreign capital utilization, and properly handle the relationship between opening up and cultivating and expanding domestic enterprises. Large express delivery enterprises should be encouraged to transform into a modern enterprise system, and gradually develop from labor-intensive to technological and labor-intensive, so as to form a reasonable degree of industrial concentration. Small and medium-sized express enterprises should be supported to develop immediate, intra-city and regional express business and stimulate market vitality.
For postal express logistics enterprises how to develop the future, Ma Junsheng made it clear that the postal express delivery business and universal service business, decentralized management, separate accounting calculation, post express logistics enterprises as the principal part of market management actively participate in market competition, and follow the laws of the market is the only way to strengthen and expand postal express logistics enterprises.