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National logistics policy

Date:2021-04-07  Click:236 times
Qinghai yushu earthquake disaster affects the hearts of the people of the country, as a rubik's cube with a strong sense of social responsibility of the enterprise actively mobilize the national network and all staff to lend a helping hand, in various ways for the earthquake relief efforts.
April 15, rubik's cube headquarters to the network issued a "heart disaster areas, warm feelings yushu" initiative, the national network and all staff to take active action, in a variety of ways to contribute to the earthquake relief efforts.
On April 16, rubik's cube company based on a lot of people in hainan urgently needs to deliver relief supplies to yushu in qinghai, to make quick decisions, hainan traffic radio, each business unit, to the people in hainan province Red Cross and the rescue unit commitment to free shipping all earthquake relief supplies, opened a rubik's cube, hainan haikou, sanya and other four business hall to handle free express business at the same time. At the same time, rubik's cube qinghai company immediately organized personnel to deliver earthquake relief materials to yushu in the fastest way, and actively participated in local earthquake relief work. Up to 21, rubik's cube hainan company has transported more than 10 batches of relief materials, a total of more than 50 tons. In addition, rubik's cube Beijing, Shanghai, guangdong, fujian, hangzhou and other companies have actively launched various earthquake relief materials delivery work, rubik's cube in action...
On April 20, rubik's cube Shanghai headquarters held a fund-raising activity for earthquake relief. The chairman of the board and the leaders of the company attended the donation ceremony and donated money on the spot.
Rubik's cube people actively donated money and goods to the people in the disaster-hit areas in yushu, and fully invested in the free delivery of earthquake relief materials. This is not only the aid in terms of materials and actions, but also conveys our warmth and hope to the people in the disaster-hit areas. Hope they heal the scars left by the disaster, strong and brave to face the disaster, overcome the disaster, and as soon as possible to rebuild their homes